Windy Old Weather/Joe at the Tavern - Excerpt from The Iron Bridge. Taken from the album East of the Sunrise.

The Iron Bridge

“The painter and the brush – the writer and the pen – never do the two more absorbingly collide than in John Ward’s 'Iron Bridge'. Add in a movie and earth-crust verse overlain with place and time and there’s still a river to cross. An epic masterwork.” -- Dr John Tams, Award-Winning Actor, Writer and Musician

Perhaps best described as an epic poem, The Iron Bridge is an accessible, lyrical piece based on the history, lifetimes and characters of John’s hometown of Lowestoft, which is never mentioned by name and could be many similar coastal towns.  At over 9,000 words, the book takes the reader on a journey through various periods in the town’s history. Drawing on real events as well as imagination, the narrative weaves together characters and landscapes from different ages to form a magical vision of the town’s past and present.

John’s text is illustrated by internationally acclaimed local artist, Mark Burrell, who has painted the cover and created ten stunning pieces to accompany scenes from the poem.

The book was launched with performances by acclaimed actor, Nick Murray Brown, with music written by John and played by harpist Xenia Horne. The poem has subsequently been performed in theatres and at festivals by renowned storyteller, Andy Jennings, in the last few years.

The Iron Bridge text has been used in creative and educational workshops for community and schools and was recommended as reading in Dr Ken Pickering’s anthology for people studying theTrinity College drama syllabus.

“I was rendered completely speechless when I tried to tell John how much I enjoyed his masterpiece …. this is a fantastically powerful piece of work” -- BBC Radio Suffolk

The Iron Bridge from Nick Murray Brown on Vimeo.

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