Waveney Folk Club

Waveney Folk Club

Waveney Folk CLub

Waveney Folk Club

Hello . . . and thanks for clickin' the right buttons to find out about the Waveney Folk Club. We formed in 1972 when pewter tankards and Arran sweaters were the "dress code" for folk clubs - and as the saying goes - we're still doing it after nearly forty years - though the arrans have long since shrunk in the wash and the tankards are now sadly a bit bent!

We have guest singers and groups from all over the country and try to cover the many styles and types of music that over the years have become part of the folk scene.

The club has now moved after 26 years in Crown Street Hall. It is now located at - Gunton Estate Community Hall, Hollingsworth Rd, Lowestoft NR32 4DX. It also has a new person behind the wheel after Carole stepped down after 42 years. The new organiser is Peter Hood. You can contact him here Peter Hood
The club has a friendly informal atmosphere in which local people can have the opportunity to get up in front of an audience and experience the fun and nerves, of a live performance.

There is no bar at this venue but you can bring your own wine and beer with you - we have plenty of glasses! Tea, coffee and cold drinks are available too. Although we're called a FOLK CLUB, there is no formal membership, but we do have three main aims:

  • to provide a place for locals to perform and so keep alive the joy of singing together. . .
  • to bring folk artists from far and wide to broaden the appreciation of all folk cultures. . .
  • and, of course, to have a good time . . .

Hope you'll come along to see for yourself.


22nd - Singaround

Disclaimer: John Ward has no official connection to the running of Waveney Folk Club or booking of artists, all enquiries concerning Waveney Folk Club should be directed to Pete, email above.

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