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'...This is an enjoyably authentic album. Some strong song writing with fine performances by John and the band, all beautifully recorded. What comes across strongly throughout is John's experience, love and commitment to not just his music, but also to the wider times, places and people that inspire him and carry the traditions forward'. Full Review Here >>

Paul Jackson - FATEA


East of the Sunrise

East of the Sunrise

‘Powerful originals ... thoughtful, tuneful and superbly recorded set’  - EDP

‘An evocative collection of this beautiful area brought alive in song and music’ – Around Kent Folk

‘..powerful tales...canny depictions...potently evoke the unique beauty of the landscape and seascapes of the broads... It’s clear why John’s music continues to make a strong impression on his audiences at live gigs’ - Folk Roundabout (Yorkshire)

"John Ward has a soundscape pictorial of Journeymusic and storyboards....Fabulous!"
Sue Marchant
Regional Evening Presenter
BBC Local Radio across the Eastern Counties

Praying for the Alien

Praying for the Alien

'...15 well crafted, self penned songs.....this raw, honest and intelligent set of british folk boasts something for everyone'. (Musician Magazine)

'Lovely singing and guitar playing throughout. A CD to sit and listen to,read the lyrics and reflect. A good one'. (Around Kent Folk)

'For every poignant point there is an entrancing and charismatic melody that keep the songs dynamic. .Sturdy songwriting and excellent musicianship. And if you're lucky enough to catch this guy live it gets even better! John is a vibrant and exciting performer'. (The Waveney Advertiser)

'If you've yet to sample this man's music then Praying for the alien is a good place to start, but be warned. You'll want to hear the rest as well'. (Eastern Evening News)

'There's a lot of dynamic at play across the album. Ward writes well infusing his songs with a sense of the dramatic. The instrumentation adds to that sense of passion reinforcing the mood to give emphasis to a strong lyrical set'. (Fatea Website)

'Too cheerful by half'. (Eastern Daily Press)

Common Ground

Common Ground

‘The whole album is a cracking listen and one I’ll return to time and time again’ Stephen Foster (Radio Suffolk)

‘An album you’ll want to listen to over and over again’ Music Maker

"Excellent" Grapevine

"Impressive" Eastern Daily Press

"Great Stuff " Musician

Waking Dreams

Waking Dreams

“Excellent rolling acoustic pop which glows so warmly you’re tempted to cuddle up with the CD player. Ward’s writing is consistently excellent throughout ... his backing crew is tight and talented.” Folk Roots 1999

"An enormously assured and mature performance....superbly deliverd by a combo of musicians organised in support of John's own tasteful fretwork....a great piece of writing." Folk On Tap

"Pure magic... a superb CD ceafted with care and attention...15 tracks and not a turkey amongst them." Grapevine

"This is John's third album and its been well worth the transcends musical barriers, containing a mixture of styles all reflecting th depth of John's writing abilities...excellent musicians and great instrumentation." Essex Folk News

Water on the Stone

Water on the Stone

"From the blues to mainstream sounds: John is a guitarist and singer-songwriter to watch." The Times

“Crisp accomplished versatile guitar playing, excellent lyrics, beautiful melancholy tunes and strong rhythms, sincere witty humourous and passionate.” Folk Roundabout

"A fine singer/songwriter and musician. His recent Water On The Stone album showed a songwriter and performer of maturity and depth." Time Out

"His songwriting abilities impress from the word go, overflowing with infectious riffs and a vibrancy that holds your attention." Rock & Reel

“... an exciting talent which, if justice prevails, should reach a wider audience before too long.” Folk On Tap

The Shrinking World

The Shrinking World

"He writes good songs and has a fearless vocal delivery...John Ward has come out tops with this recording." Folk On Tap

"The art of the singer/songwriter is not dead as John Ward ably proves." City Wise

“ ... one of the most electric, energetic and powerful live performers I’ve ever seen ... a huge and versatile repetoire of brilliant songs.” Wake Up 1998

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